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Welcome to the Appalachian Wellness Center service information page. I serve as a premier provider of holistic healthcare in Hancock County, TN. My goal is to provide you the very best in complimentary health care. I focus on how you experience health and help correct the patterns that are causing distress rather just giving your health issues a name. This way, we focus more on you and your needs.
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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine:
Oriental Medicine has its strengths in pain management and in functional disorders. Functional disorders can range from digestive problems, fatigue, respiratory issues, cold or flu, menstrual disorders or infertility. In Oriental Medicine the focus is not on naming a disease, but rather it is establishing a current pattern based on how you are experiencing this health issue or dis-ease, If you are approaching your path to better health by looking at the disease, you have to understand that once you give it a name, you can possess it forever, but once you establish its pattern, that patterns can change. We can work together to make it a pattern of health.

Massage Therapy:
Research is constantly confirming that massage therapy is a vital part of a proper health management or health care system and not just a luxury anymore. With its strengths in stress management, relaxation and pain management, massage therapy is now considered to be a vital part of any good health management or health care system. Stress has been proven to be a factor in many chronic and debilitating diseases. Many clients find that they can reduce their medications as their pain levels are reduced or resolved.

Years of research has shown that aromatherapy is more than just a pretty smell. The chemical constituents in the essential oils of aromatherapy have been found to have dramatic medicinal benefits and have been studied for over 100 years by western allopathic medicine, before they discovered that they naturally occur in essential oils. Aromatherapy can be combined with both massage therapy and with acupuncture as well as be a complete system within itself

Nutritional and herbal support:
I have spent years developing protocols for combining ancient Chinese Medical herbology with modern nutritional and herbal science. Herbal and nutritional testing is being evaluated and added to the practice as I integrate systems and protocols that meet my high standards to better serve your needs.

Weight Management and Smoking Cessation
The Appalachian Wellness Center has comprehensive programs for weight management and smoking cessation that include helping the body eliminate toxins, ease changing bad or detrimental behaviors, curbing cravings and correcting the way the body functions. These programs include acupuncture to correct the ways the body functions, essential oils and nutritional or herbal supplementation to strengthen and nourish the body as well as help eliminate stored toxins and some behavior modification to help you make the correct choices.

Classes & Workshops:
At the Appalachian Wellness Center, I can offer you continuing education for massage therapists, including classes and workshops on massage therapy, aromatherapy, eastern and western herbalism, nutrition and general health and lifestyle balance. This will include introductory talks on various subjects related to holistic health and Oriental Medicine. The Appalachian Wellness Center supports the valued support that Wellness Defined has offered to our community and will post their meeting schedule here when meetings resume.

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
you may also call us at (423) 300-0786.
If we are with patients, we will call you back at the first opportunity possible.
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We look forward to serving you.


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